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The Story of Desert Mission

A few words about NOAH

Founded in 1997, Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health – or NOAH – is dedicated to providing healthcare for all. A critical component of the healthcare safety net, NOAH’s overarching goal is to increase the number of children, youth, adults, and families receiving access to healthcare in underserved, low-income communities. We offer easy access to integrated health services providing medical, dental, behavioral health, psychiatry, nutrition, care coordination, and community resource assistance, prevention and health education programs.

Individuals and families find more than medical care when they walk into one NOAH’s nine health centers because NOAH supports the whole person and whole family.

NOAH accepts all patients regardless of their insurance or financial status. Patients will not be denied based on inability to pay. In addition, our community resource department offers enrollment assistance for programs like health insurance, financial assistance, food supplement, and more.

NOAH is committed to transforming the delivery of primary care by strengthening the relationship between our patients and providers and coordinating care with a team that is committed to our patient’s healthcare needs.

Desert Mission beginnings

Desert Mission Health Center was founded in 1927 by people providing care to their families and neighbors in the Sunnyslope neighborhood. That commitment to care for those in need inspired the donations that created the first Desert Mission facility for this neighborhood nearly 100 years ago.

It began as a tuberculosis (TB) clinic during a time when many people were moving to Phoenix as part of their treatment. One patient was Helen Lincoln, wife of John C. Lincoln. They were inspired by the work being done at Desert Mission and continued their support of Desert Mission for the rest of their lives.

When a cure for TB became available in the late 1940s, Desert Mission began to take on a new, more comprehensive role in the community. With support from the Lincoln’s, healthcare in the Sunnyslope community grew, eventually leading to the John C. Lincoln Health Network’s in Central Arizona.

Helen Lincoln continued to visit the Desert Mission Health Center weekly until she passed away in 1993 at age 102.

Desert Mission Health Center moved into its current facility in 2009. Following the 2015 merger of John C. Lincoln Health Network with Scottsdale Healthcare, Desert Mission joined the NOAH family of Federally Qualified Health Centers.

A New Desert Mission Health Center


Square Feet


Counseling/Psychiatric Offices


Group Therapy Room


Medical Exam/Procedure Rooms


Dental Exam/Procedure Rooms


  • Medical

    You will always get expert advice, compassion, and quality care you deserve at NOAH Desert Mission Health Center.

  • Dental

    NOAH offers a wide-range of oral health services and starts with a comprehensive oral health assessment to develop a personalized treatment plan.

  • Counseling

    From coping with loss and working through family challenges, to making healthier life choices, NOAH’s counselors offer a variety of therapies to meet our patient’s needs.

  • Psychiatry

    NOAH’s psychiatric providers assess the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems and help patients with diagnosis, medication prescription, and psychological testing.

  • Pediatrics

    Our pediatric providers treat children from newborn up to 17 years old with well-child visits, vaccinations, preventative care, acute care, integrated care, and mental health care.

  • Prenatal

    NOAH provides excellent, compassionate prenatal care, through a team of doctors, nurses and care coordinators.

  • Nutrition Services

    Nutrition is important to overall health and wellness, and NOAH’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionists provide care and guidance for patients with nutrition-related conditions.

  • Community Resources

    NOAH helps individuals and families enroll in and access a wide range of resources from health insurance options to rental assistance and so much more.

Virtual Tour and Live Look

NOAH is dedicated to providing healthcare for all people by focusing on increasing the ways we reach and serve all patients in underserved, low-income communities. One of the most important ways NOAH delivers on our promise of healthcare for all is through comprehensive care.

At NOAH, we consider the whole person – and whole family – and how to help them live healthy, happy lives. That means referring patients to additional NOAH services to help them meet their goals, and our team working together for the patient.

That can look like an expectant mother receiving prenatal care, but also finding that NOAH offers wonderful pediatric services. Mom can also receive her medical and dental care here. In addition, the growing family may access additional support in the form of community resources.

Desert Mission Health Center will also have several telehealth rooms for providers to offer patients telehealth services. Similarly, if our patients have telehealth appointments with other providers, NOAH will have two rooms dedicated for patients to attend telehealth appointments if they do not have access from their home.

From its first day serving the Sunnyslope neighborhood nearly 100 years ago, to the new state-of-the-art health center we will open later this year, Desert Mission Health Center has always put the needs of our patients first.

A Virtual Tour

A Live Look


Your Donation Matters

The work of Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health (NOAH) continues to transcend and impact the lives of over 40,000 community members. Your donation helps NOAH provide health care services including dental, behavioral health, medical, and health education programs for children and families. Plus, your donation qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit — meaning your donation of up to $400 for a single taxpayer or $800 for married filers may not cost you a dime.

NOAH is on a mission to transform the health of our community!  More than access to high quality affordable healthcare, we bring hope to those with complicated health issues, undesirable living situations and other life challenges that impact overall health.

Your generous donation can support this commitment through direct patient care or through the community program of your choice. Your donation may qualify for the Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations Arizona State tax credit. NOAH is not a tax advisor; consult with your own financial advisor.

As you know, the cost of providing healthcare services and support to the underserved populations does not go away. Thank you for your partnership in helping us succeed in our mission.

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If you need to reach us, please call 480-587-5335 or email info@noahhelps.org.

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